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The Wall
Artist : Pink Floyd
Year : 1979
Style : Rock, Metal
Substyle : Prog/Exp. Rock, Thrash Metal
Metallica (Metallica)
Dim Carcosa (Ancient Rites)
Conspiracy (King Diamond)
Renewal (Kreator)
Fatal Portrait (King Diamond)
Extreme Aggression (Kreator)
Blessing in Disguise (Metal Church)
Draconian Times (Paradise Lost)
La Masquerade Infernale (Arcturus)
The Gallery (Dark Tranquillity)
Master Of Puppets (Metallica)
Ride The Lightening (Metallica)
In the electric mist (Godsend)
Contentum (Atrox)
Judgement (Anathema)
Projector (Dark Tranquillity)
Metal Church (Metal Church)
Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk (Emperor)
...Yet so far (Revelation)
The Dark (Metal Church)
Frozen masque (Revelation)
Pleasure To Kill (Kreator)
The Eye (King Diamond)
Mandylion (The Gathering)
Eternity (Anathema)
A wayfarer's tears (Godsend)
Back in black (AC/DC)
Wildhoney (Tiamat)
And Justice For All... (Metallica)
Left Hand Path (Entombed)
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