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Welcome to Fit it !

This site will let you find new artists that you can like through 3 tools :
  • General Top 10 : a style and year filtered Chart
  • Album Recommendations : for each album are calculated the other albums you have to listen to (once again style and year filtered)
  • Personnal Recommendations : by comparing your votes to others', we can recommand you specific albums (needs registration)

    If you register you can vote, add artists and add albums. Registration is free.

    other similar websites :
    last.fm is another website that can help you to discover new artists. Last.fm is much more accomplished than fitit.org however fitit.org has some benefits : you don't have to listen to music on your computer to have personal recommendations, you can have instant personal recommendations as soon as you begin voting and you can filter charts and recommendations by genre and year.

    musicmobs.com is similar to last.fm. gnoosic.com and musicplasma.com give you instant recommendations based on one or several artists you like.